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Priyansh, Shivansh · April 10, 2020

Hey Guys! Team CEV here… 🤖

Being Quarantined for a long time?🌄🌌 😷

Let’s get started with a new thing… 🤝

CEV Yantrika is bringing up another good opportunity for ambitious students to join CEV. This time in another lucrative way.

CEV Yantrika

“CEV Yantrika is a team of tech enthusiasts, keen to know and learn techniques & technology used in the fields of computer and electronics.”

for CEV enthusiasm to learn » your current knowledge

Doesn’t matter if you are still a beginner, not in Computer Sciences, or still thinking to start with programming stuff.

If you are enthusiastic about tech and are unique, ready for a challenge every second of a day, CEV might a place for you.

We have a thing coming up, look at the instructions below:

1) For this, it is compulsory to have an account in both GitHub and DISCORD to join CEVs Digital Workspace.

[Follow the Instructions given below]

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2) Fill out the following form below

before April 14 11:59:59 pm

That’s it. 🙌

Follow up information will be conveyed through E-Mails/Discord Server 📧

Have a look after the form to find out what we discuss here at YANTRIKA for great good:

Application Form


1. Development

The games you play… The apps you use… The websites you visit…

You must be fascinated by these things. How are they built and function?

CEV Yantrika does & discuss all those cool stuff that helps may help you in developing the application of the future.

2. AI + ML + DS

Probably the new era of technology has come… From the robots to all famous applications you use; Insta, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Even your next smart TV or Refridgerator, they all use these things for better User Experience.

CEV Yantrika helps you work in a peer to understand these and work on the automation of the future.

3. Cyber Security

You know that a 100% secure system is never possible. As much as we are prone to get attacked by a virus(like it’s just doing), our computers are also at risk of getting struck by viruses, or even the adversaries.

The security & verification systems that the big tech firms use to protect their data and information we discuss here at Yantrika.

Some of you might be more into attacking than defending, for that Yantrika has a different workspace for Hacking.

4. IoT (+ Hardware)

Bring your ideas and Models to life by installing it on Hardware. Automate the stuff, or compute remotely.

Be it automating the newborn CEV Room, or building your own gadget. Hack on the Hardware. Yantrika provides you with a platform to disrupt the tech with your creativity and knowledge.

5. Blockchain

One of the fastest emerging technology in today’s world. Just a Decentralised distributed Ledger, providing wholesome of security.

Dive deeper with Yantrika, by knowing and discussing how this technology is shaping the future.

6. (Hackathon == Hacking) => Myth

Most of the people have a misconception that a hackathon is related to Hacking. No! it is just a name to Innovation of a new product with your existing knowledge, mostly done in a limited time, to ease things with the power of idea & technology. Learn by being part of a community where people have the experiences to ideate and build things.

Get a peer & participate in the biggest hackathons.

7. Capture the Flag

CTF is another race of competitions focused on Hacking. Do you want to find errors, win bounties? Well, CTFs are your way to go and get into Hacking, Cracking and Breaking.

Yantrika has a small group of people, participating in CTFs every weekend. Learn and Grow. Solve with your critical ability.

8. Formal Methods

How well do you know mathematics? The mathematical models are used to build hardware and software systems, and mathematical proofs are used to test the systems that we discuss.

Probably an old science, but almost used everywhere, to understand the system and find faults in it.


Every once in a while, new technology evolves. One of Yantrika’s motives is to discuss & work on intersection these techs to form solutions to real-world problems for future usage.

As the examples speak the most, our recent 20 days blog-series was an intersection of Blockchain, Cyber Security and Formal Methods.

CEV, as a whole, lives on a Cutting Edge Vision, to see and make the future technology.

All the 3 divisions Aryavarta, Aantarak, Yantrika works together to deduce the solutions. Our latest project on traffic analysis, combines the study of Civil Engineering(AANTARAK), Analysis(ARYAVARTA) & IoT(YANTRIKA).

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