CS50 Course Guidelines

Aman Pandey · April 11, 2020

Guidelines Regarding the Course:

  • Make sure your GitHub account is ready and you have joined the Discord Server: CEV Digital Workspace 2. [see the DISCORD GUIDELINE]

  • Week 0 is optional. However, it isn’t much you can complete it in a go.
    [no submissions for week 0]

  • Week 1 [C] Start with watching the Main Video. Followed by Completing the Shorts. Make sure to go through the notes and submit the assignments in time. [see the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES] (to be revealed soon) (we have our own cevsubmit just like submit50).
    Main video]


  • A similar procedure for Week 2-8 has to be followed.

  • Every link contains something important, so please try to go through all of them.

  • Carry out the discussions in the respective channels only. In case a new channel is required, tell us in the channel namely #channel-request. [see the DISCORD GUIDELINE]

  • The course is self-paced, i.e. you can move as fast as possible but prefer not slower.

  • The main thing CEV believes in is PEER-LEARNING, i.e. work together and grow. To encourage that we have made a fun category of channels, where you can share #meme, #movies, #music.

  • We will try to keep some weekly podcast, or discussion, to carry out various cool discussions from COOL CEV seniors, regarding what we do at CEV, The vision of CEV, career discussion etc.

  • CS50 has its own SANDBOX & IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The links are given in the lower left-hand side of the Course webpage.
  • CS50 IDE is a kind of computer system provided to you by CS50-Harvard. It has all the required tools & libraries installed so that you don’t need to set up your own computer to complete the course.

  • CS50 Sandbox is the online hosted single - single softwares provided to you by CS50-Harvard. You can use those unit softwares on the browser itself so that you don’t need to install it on your system.

    **NOTE: You need to have a GitHub account for both the things. Since, you are having this facility, not having a laptop of high configuration should not be a problem.

  • A Good CS50 Programmer’s manual has been given https://man.cs50.io/
    [uncheck “frequently used in CS50”, to reveal complete list]

  • “We have an eye over the code you submit. Discussion of work is permitted, but copying code is unethical, finding any member copying code and assignments, will be immediately exiled.”

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