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** - Points of attention/Highly Recommended.


Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation


User Interface Course Link
Building layouts, XML design, Views in Android layout. Udacity - Free Course
User Input Course Link
Basic flow control, Functionality to app Udacity - Free Course
MultiScreen Apps Course Link
Intents & Activities, Array, List, Loop, Custom Class, Activity Lifecycle, Fragments in Android. Udacity - Free Course
Data Storage Course Link
Understand & use SQlite in Android, ContentProvider, CursorLoader (Adapter and Loader) to show data. Udacity - Free Course
Networking Course Link
JSON parsing, HTTP Networking, Thread & Parallelism, Preferences (save options) in Android. Udacity - Free Course
Android Basics Course Link
Recycler View, Aarchitecture Components, Background Tasks, Intents, SQlite, Lifecycle. Udacity - Free Course


IDEs Android Studio**
Installation Guide
User Guide
Installation Guide
User Guide
Intial Setup
Xamarin (on Visual Studio)
Installation Guide
User Guide
Intial Setup
References Google Developer
Java Documentation**
Kotlin Documentation
Developers Guide**
Tutorials Point
Developers Guide


Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation
*Stuff will be added soon. Takes some time to compile a wonderful list. Keep checking :) .

By then have a look to some other resources.


Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation


Basic Terminologies Savgee[Youtube]
Bitcoin's Vocab
Blockchain Terminology[Blog]
These links cover most of the jargons thatyou need to know before diving deep into the blockchain
Micro Implementations in Python Learn Blockchain By Building One[Blog]
Simple Blockchain By Using Python[CEV's Blog]
These blogs cover the small Implementations of blockchain in python.By following them you can understand the basic functionalities and features of blockchain.
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies-Coursera Course Link
Through this course you will get the answers of questions like How does Bitcoin work? What makes Bitcoin different? How secure are your Bitcoins? How anonymous are Bitcoin users? What determines the price of Bitcoins? Can cryptocurrencies be regulated? What might the future hold? Arvind Narayanan,Associate Professor(Computer Science),Princeton University
Getting Upto speed on Ethereum

**Everything A-Z up in here. Have a look.

Ethereum-Dev Resources

Tools & Tech Stack Solidity
Ganache[RPC Client]
Truffle Suite
Remix IDE
Essential Tools for eth-Development

Essential Tutorials

Solidity Solidity Playlist:Dapp University[Youtube] Documentation IDE for Solidity Try to understand smart contracts & what the do? and write one by learning the basic syntax from the playlist
Web3-JS Web3-JS Playlist:Dapp University[Youtube] Documentation Try to understand how the functions written in smart contracts can be invoked,how you can query a ethereum blockchain using web3js and how to integrate frontend with the blockchain fot the dApp
Dapp University Dapp University Refer this channel for more tutorials on Ethereum.You can also vist the website at


Pet-Shop Tutorial

Follow the complete tutorial and try to complete the small smart contract -

What will you Learn?
After this tutorial you will be able to set up a dapp project on your computer, write a simple smart contract in Solidity and integrating the frontend application with the blockchain

ERC-20 Token


Hyperledger Fabric Resources


IBM Blockchain Essentials Course Link
The video lectures and lab in this course help you learn about blockchain for business and explore key use cases that demonstrate how the technology adds value. Ant Cole,IBM
Dave Gorman,IBM
*Must Read Topics in Doc


Setting Up Things

Adding Orgs and Peers


Other Blogs and Websites

**Meaning of Decentralization

A Hitchhikers Guide To Consensus-algorithms

Unpacking The Ethereum Stack For Developers

Getting Deep Into Ethereum,How Data Is Stored?

Lifecycle of an ethereum Transaction

**Blockchain Technology Learning More Resources

Zero Knowledge Proofs

Zero Knowledge Proof and Their Future Applications by Elad Verbin

Competitive Coding


IDEs CodeBlocks**
Installation Guide
User Guide
Installation Guide
User Guide
Intial Setup
Visual Studio
Installation Guide
User Guide
Intial Setup
Debugger GNU Debugger (Offline)
GNU Debugger (Online)
Test Case Generator SPOJ
References C++
Tutorials Point
Geeks for Geeks



These competitions are held once in a year or follow a year round selection process (spanning month(s)). These are reknowned competitions as they are conducted on International level.
The ACM-ICPC is a multi-tier, team-based, programming competition. Headquartered at Baylor University, Texas, it operates according to the rules and regulations formulated by the ACM. Baylor
Competition Page
Code Jam**
Code Jam is Google's longest running global coding competition, where programmers of all levels put their skills to the test. Competitors work their way through a series of online algorithmic puzzles to earn a spot at the World Finals, all for a chance to win the championship title and $15,000. Google
Competition Page
Hash Code
Hash Code is a team programming competition, organized by Google, for students and professionals around the world. You pick your team and programming language and we pick an engineering problem for you to solve. This year’s contest kicks off with an Online Qualification Round, where your team can compete from wherever you’d like, including from one of our Hash Code hubs. Top teams will then be invited to a Google office for the Final Round. Google
Competition Page
Code Jam IO
Code Jam to I/O for Women is one way we bring women (students and professionals) from around the globe together, working to solve tough algorithmic challenges in a 2.5 hour, single-round coding competition. The top 150 on the scoreboard will receive a ticket and reimbursement to offset travel expenses to Google I/O. Google
Competition Page
Kick Start**
Kick Start is a global online coding competition, consisting of three-hour rounds of a variety of algorithmic challenges designed by Google engineers. Participants can compete in one or all online rounds held throughout the year Google
Competition Page
SnackDown is a global programming event that invites teams from all over the world Conducted with a gap of few years. Its has a Qualification round, followed by two more rounds and then the finale. CodeChef
Competition Page


These competitions are held every month on a specific date/week/time. These competitions help you boost your profile on the respective website by ranking you based on your performance.
Long Challenge
CodeChef Long Challenge is a 10-day monthly coding contest where you can show off your computer programming skills. The significance being - it gives you enough time to think about a problem, try different ways of attacking the problem, read the concepts etc. If you’re usually slow at solving problems and have ample time at hand, this is ideal for you. CodeChef
Monthly CookOff
CodeChef Cook-Off is a two and half hour coding contest where you can show off your computer programming skills. CodeChef
Monthly Easy
A 3 hrs. challenge conducted in first week of every month. Comprises 6 algorithmic programming problems conducted between 21:30 IST to 00:30 IST. Hackerearth
Monthly Circuits
Circuits take place during the third and fourth week of every month. The objective of Monthly Circuits is to challenge the talented and creative minds in competitive programming with some interesting algorithmic problems. The participants will be challenged by Multiple Problem Setters with 8 problems of varying difficulty levels in a duration of 9 days. Hackerearth

Embedded Systems

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation
Embedded Systems Embedded System Software and IDE

edX - Shape The World: Microcontroller Input/Output

Embedded Systems - Shape The World: Multi-Threaded Interfacing
Covers the basic of embedded systems and embedded C programming using ARM based microcontroller like TM4C123(Texas Instruments).


Arduino edX - Arduino Programming

Arduino Tutorials

Introduction to Arduino
Arduino Tutorials

PID Control with Arduino

Arduino robots

Arduino Uno tutorials

Covers the very basics of using arduino development board especially Arduino UNO and using arduino IDE to code starting from scratch. edX


Electronic Wings




Internet of Things (IOT) Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT device using Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms

IoT Wireless & Cloud Computing Emerging Technologies

Programming with Cloud IoT Platforms
Covers the basics and advanced learning along with implementation of IOT devices using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Along with that, Cloud IoT Platform also introduced. edX


ARM ARM Assembly Programming

Mastering Microcontroller

ARM Microcontroller Programming, Development, and Tutorial

STM32F4 Discovery Board Tutorial Series (STM32F407VGT)

Covers the basics and advanced of using ARM Microcontroller. Mega




Raspberry Pi Basics of Raspbian

Basics of Raspbian

Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Projects with Raspberry Pi

Socket Programming in python with Raspberry

Self Driving car with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi + Opencv

Raspberry Pi + Opencv

Covers the basics and advanced of using raspberry Pi and its implementation in projects. youtube








Some specializations in Embedded Systems:

Embedded Linux
Digital Signal Processing
Chip Design
Microcontroller firmware development
IoT (and its security)
Low Power Device

Ethical Hacking

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation
Ethical Hacking Tutorial for Beginners Edureka - [Youtube Playlist] This youtube list covers most of the basic things in
the field, including , the KALI linux basics, penetration testing
Nmap, DDoS attacks, SQL injection, Ethical Hacking jobs and
careers, the tools used etc.
Basically everything required to get on board with Ethical Hacking.

Edureka courses are easy to comprehend, and startwith.
Cyber Security Training for Beginners Edureka - [Youtube Playlist] You my want to look at the cybersecurity too.
Here's a youtube playlist covering the very basics
of Cyber Security, that will help you get started.
Cryptography Cryptography I [Course]
Cryptography II [Course]
In this course you will learn the inner workings
of cryptographic systems and how to correctly
use them in real-world applications.
Hardware Security Hardware Security [Course]
Upon completing the course, students will understand
the vulnerabilities in current digital
system design flow and the physical attacks
to these systems.
Software Security Software Security [Course]
Important software vulnerabilities and attacks<
that exploit them -- such as buffer overflows,
SQL injection, and session hijacking
[Advanced]Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing HackerSploit - [Youtube Playlist] A big list in here, hackerspoit provides a famous list
of youtube videos related to Ethical Hacking and
Penetration Testing. The topic covers
Kali Linux, ParrotOs
Nmap, ZenMap
SQL injection
VPN, DNS, Lazy Scripts
Metsploit, Linux Expl0rer, sAINT
...and a lot more things.

Get familiar with the basics first.
Learn Ethical Hacking
[Motivation]10 of the World’s Most Famous and Best Hackers (and Their Fascinating Stories)
Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch
Edward Snowden - Full Documentary 2016[Youtube]
BBC Documentary 2017 - Chasing Edward Snowden Full Documentary[Youtube]
Edward Snowden[IMDb]
*Stuff will be added soon. Takes some time to compile a wonderful list. Keep checking :) .

By then have a look to some other resources.

Machine Learning

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation


Stat110x - eDx

Better Explained
Statistics Course - Harvard University
Better Explained (website)
These are no coding concepts.
Joe Blitzstein
- Professor of the Practice in Statistics,
Harvard University


Machine Learning Machine Learning - Stanford University
Deep Learning Complete Specialization
Intro to tensorflow
Covers the very basics with assessments in octave.
Deep Learning covers deep neural nets along
with their optimisation.
Andrew Ng/Coursera
Andrew Ng/Coursera
Andrew Ng (more preferred)
Youtube[Stanford University Classroom course]
Course Website
The instructor is changed, (I’ll upload the
course PDFs for previous instructor later
Andrew Ng
Stanford University
Youtube[Stanford University Classroom course]
Course Website
These are high quality material.
Follow them according to the website.
Fei Fei Li
Stanford University

Deep Learning

Course Video(Youtube Player)
Course Website
Jeremy Howard is past President of Kaggle.
He is a AI Expert, with an Awesome Course.
Remeber to go through setup page, for
setting up system instructions.
Jeremy Howard
(past President-Kaggle)

Blogs & Websites

Colah's Blog
Andrej Karpathy Blogs
Josh Meyer’s Website
Neural Network Visualisation
Machine Learning Mastery
Towards Data Science
A visual introduction to machine learning
Colah's Blog, Andrej Karpathy and Machine Learning Mastery
blogs are highly recommended

Medium Blogs are always good.(In another section)
TowardsDataScience is one of them
There are a lot of blogs in here. Search for the simpler/beginner ones.

Kaggle Datasets
PyTorch Standard Datasets
Academic Torrents

Additional Learning stuff

Education - Google Ai
Intro to Machine Learning
Both are provided by Google Education.
Google Education more to explore
Tensorflow Free Course - Udacity
UDACITY is a great platform to learn.
PCA Explained visually

Data Visualization through pandas and matplotlib in Python
Principal Component Analysis and Visualisation
is very crucial for ML and Data science.
Medium Blogs
NNs and Backpropagation explained in a simple way
Visual Information Theory
What is Exploratory Data Analysis?
AutoML in leadersboard
Google AutoML

**The above mentioned are the quite exciting! ML using ML.
Extraordinary stuff(including visualisation)
K-NN visualization
Decision Tree Visualisation
Bias & Variance Visualisation
Data Handling
Merge and Join

Nuclear Fusion/Fission Power


There is no doubt that is if the human race wants to sustain on earth then they need to urgently switch the sources of energy. The path of harnessing Nuclear Fusion Power is very promising but quite uncertain also. Every day or other there is something good achieved in this field. This subject not just open scope of a theoretical physicist but also a range of super-professionals (enthusiast first) including experimental physicist, engineers, skilled mechanics, unending is this list.

Blogs - from CEV

**Blogs for mere intro and Warm-up from CEV

Nuclear Power in India
Higgs Boson Giving universe the mass
Nuclear Fusion How much it takes to mimic a star?

Orgs for career, reference, motivation and important stuffs.

Some International Giants include

The ITER, leads the race from end 1
The NIF, leads the race from end 2
The CERN, pushing both

** All of these websites are loaded with a huge amount of knowledge and its a pleasure and sensational visiting these sites every time.
In India, we aren't performing something like that, but,but surely for nuclear research we have pioneering:


India is the top world leader in AHWR (Advanced Heavy Water Reactors) for Thorium as nuclear fission; We have huge deposits of Thorium in sands of Rajasthan.
(link to it)

Advanced topics and Current Coordinates to Pickup

Magneto Hydrostatics
Capturing Plasma using magnetism is one of the newest sciences in the race with AI, DL, etc.

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning for Sustaining Nuclear Fusion:
AI may help develop clean, limitless fusion energy- The WEEK
The University of Princeton under the US DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY is doing current research
(link to it)

The Visuals

[Fusion Power] The Unknown Universe Explained By Neil Degrasse Tyson Documentary
Nuclear Fusion Energy: The Race to Create a Star on Earth


MicroMasters® Program in Robotics - University of Penn

A micromasters program consists of many courses.
**Follow up the Embedded Systems portion for the electronics part.
This course contains sufficient amount of knowledge for robotics. Trust the providers ;)

Rocket Science

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation
Rocket Propulsion Lectures [Youtube Playlist] Starting from the very basics, the lectures series
gives an in-depth knowledge of specifically
Rocket Propulsion.
Prof. K Ramamurthy, Dept. Of Mechanical Eng. IIT Madras
MasterClass - Chris Hadfield teaches Space Exploration [Drive Link]

**CEV doesn't promote any piracy.
The links were openly available, and
have been shared for education purpose only.
An ground level course for the beginners who
want to know how things in space work.
Chris Hadfield is an astronaut who has been
a mission commander on the ISS. He talks about
the basic principles that govern the space exploration.
Rocket Propulsion Elements by Sutton [Book]

**CEV doesn't promote any piracy.
The links were openly available, and
have been shared for education purpose only.
This books covers the fundamentals of Rocket Propulsion
including a variety of engines like Solid Rocket Propulsion,
Liquid Rocket Engines, Hybrid Engines, Ion Propulsion,
Plasma Propulsion etc.
John Wiley & Sons Inc.!
Fundamentals of Astrodynamics by Bate and Mueller [Book]

**CEV doesn't promote any piracy.
The links were openly available, and
have been shared for education purpose only.
This book gives an insight to how orbits
works, how the attitude(orientation of
spacecrafts in orbits is monitored) and how
interplanetary mission’s trajectories are designed.
‎Donald D. Mueller, Roger R. Bate
Orbital Mechanics For Engineering Students [Book]

**CEV doesn't promote any piracy.
The links were openly available, and
have been shared for education purpose only.
Just the orbits, inclination, trajectory designing,
mathematical formulation of trajectories, frame of references etc.
‎Howard Curtis
This is an informative website. This holds the
information of the launch vehicles manufactured
till date.
This app is notifies about all the upcoming space launches and docking-undocking events. You can watch the live telecast of these events.
Looking Forward to build your own rocket? Check out this YouTube Channel.
[List of Space Agencies]
There are a lot of space agencies. You can logon to their websites for details regarding a specific space mission, launch vehicles, satellites etc.


Core Finance

Markets Financial Markets (Yale)
Course Link

This is a starter course for anyone interested in the Financial World. If the flow of money, driving power of huge economies, stock markets - their volatility, rise and fall, investors and their thoughts motivate you, this course is definitely for you!
The course is offered by the Yale University and is taught by Robert Shiller, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale and the noble prize winner in the field of Economic Sciences.
Introduction to Financial Markets (ISB)
Course Link

Although we would recommend the former course for this topic however the course by Yale deals entirely in context with the US market. If you need an Indian context while learning you may choose to go with this. Again, as it is offered by Indian School of Business, there's no doubt the course will be a great learning experience!
Behavioral Finance Behavioral Investing (ISB) Course Link

Behavioral Finance is the next leap forward! This course by ISB teaches the basics of Behavioral Investing.
Behavioral Finance (Duke)
Course Link

Portfolio Management Investment and Portfolio Management (Rice) Course Link
Portfolio and Risk Management (ISB)
Course Link

Computer Science applications in Finance

Machine Learning for Finance Fundamentals of Machine Learning in Finance (NYUTSE) Course Link

Although, it is always recommended to begin ML with one of the suited only-for-ML courses listed in the ML section, if you're already good at ML or you aren't interested to go deep into Computer Science for ML, this course can be a saviour! Generally the mathematics required for ML is relatively simple for an Indian student.
Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning in Finance Specialization
Specialization Link

This is a specialization for ML in Finance. It is not recommended for someone who wants to go into the field quickly. However, if you choose to make a career in the field one might consider the course.
Algorithmic Trading Trading Algorithms (ISB) Course Link

Advanced Trading Algorithms
Course Link

Stock Market

For beginners

Zerodha Varsity
Virtual Trading Platforms

NSE Pathshala
Trading Game
Apps for Trading Knowledge and Daily Analysis


These are just resources to help you with technical as well as trading knowledge basics. Stock Market is entirely experienced based game. Apart from these you can read experience sharing books, subscribe to podcasts, and learn some of the best investors' techniques via various sources. Soon we will be adding these sections too. So keep in touch:)

Web Development

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation


CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
This is the most recommended course for web-dev.Complete this course and Don't Miss any project.Take any necessary help from mentors
Havard University
Udacity:Intro To HTML & CSS (Free) Intro To HTML+CSS
This free course covers the basics of writing a static webpage usinh HTML and CSS
School Of Programming
- Udacity
W3 Schools Link
This is a free educational website which is going to be your best-friend if you are interested in web-dev.For any kind of help related with syntax,search this site

CSS Tricks Link
Checkout the website for CSS related stuffs.

BootStrap Link
After you have basic knowledge of HTML+CSS,try Bootstrap4 for making your CSS work load less.This playlist will provide you enough info. related to Bootstrap and how to use it?


Introduction To JS-Udacity BOOK:You Don't Know JS(Up & Going) After the course you will be able to write and understand basic JavaScript codes
School Of Programming-Udacity
JavaScript And The DOM

Explore the course and you will be able to give dynamic touch to your wepage by manipulating the DOM using JavaScript.Try to make simple web-apps like a calculator for practice after the course. School Of Programming-Udacity


Create 30 Cool Stuffs in 30 Days using JavaScipt JS30

BackEnd Web-Development

FreeCodeCamp Flask's Bootcamp
Flask Web-Programming from Scratch
Flask is micro web-framework for python. It is easy to learn. Most of the basics related to Flask are already there in Havard’s Web Programming Course mentioned above. So try to learn flask first.
DjangoGirls Tutorials
Django is another poweful web-framework for Python.Through Django you can manage the backend of your website very easily by dividing the whole web-app into reusable apps. Try to follow the Netninja's Django Tutorial and take help from Official Dcoumentation and Stackoverflow to learn it.
DjangoGirls is also a good website for Django Tutorials

FrontEnd Frameworks & Libs.

NetNinja Complete React Tutorial
React,Redux and Firebase[Tutorials]
ReactJS is frontend web-framework. It is easy to learn if you have knowledge of JS.Try to follow the tutorials from NetNinja's Youtube Channel and implement a sample web-app. So try to learn flask first. ***For any kind of web-dev stuff not only reactjs,there are very informative blogs available on Medium.
Other JS Frameworks & Libraries
These are some of the javascript's frameworks and libraries which you will find amazing.JS has huge base of Frameworks and libraries available on the internet which can make your work very easy.So just google them as per requirements.

Additional Learning stuff

It is the most powerful Documentation gallery for web-developes.
Codepen is a online IDE platform for editing and sharing HTML,CSS & JS code snippets.You can find useful codesnippets to learn and can also share your snippets with others
Flaviocopes is a website for javascript tutorials.You can also find free e-books there.
You Don't Know JS
You Don't Know JS book-series is really good for learning JS.You can read them in your free time for increasing your knowledge or else learn by coding :)
The drive link has free e-books - The complete series by Flaviocopes and John Duckett. Books by John Duckett are really good and informative.
Medium Blogs
HTTP and everything you need to know about it
Learn Basics of React.js in 11 Minutes
A practical ES6 guide on how to perform HTTP requests using the Fetch API

Extra Resources

Topic Link Organisation
Algorithms Computer Science - Algorithms
WEB W3Schools - HowTo
PYTHON Accessing Database using Python and SQLITE3
Python 3.6 - Docs
PHYSICS Kurzgesagt-in a Nutshell
AMAZING FACTS Real Engineering:Amazing Facts
Real Engineering
SCIENCE sciShow:Sciecne Stuff
SELF DEVELOPMENT improving some skills
Thomas Frank
TECHNICAL All kind of Tech. Stuff
Tech Insider
COMPUTER SCIENCE Crashcourse of various comps topics
CHEMISTRY Crashcourse of various chemistry topics
ASTRONOMY Crashcourse of various astronomy topics