Avinash Jaiswal


Jaynil Shah

Day 1: (14th December)

Introduction to Web, Basics of HTML and CSS

Day 2: (15th December)

Basics Of JavaScript

Day 3: (16th December)

Introduction to Frontend Development and Server

Day 4: (17th December)

Introduction to Backend Development and Serve


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Code References

Web Development

Topic Books/Resources Remarks Author/Organisation


CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
This is the most recommended course for web-dev.Complete this course and Don't Miss any project.Take any necessary help from mentors
Havard University
Udacity:Intro To HTML & CSS (Free) Intro To HTML+CSS
This free course covers the basics of writing a static webpage usinh HTML and CSS
School Of Programming
- Udacity
W3 Schools Link
This is a free educational website which is going to be your best-friend if you are interested in web-dev.For any kind of help related with syntax,search this site

CSS Tricks Link
Checkout the website for CSS related stuffs.

BootStrap Link
After you have basic knowledge of HTML+CSS,try Bootstrap4 for making your CSS work load less.This playlist will provide you enough info. related to Bootstrap and how to use it?


Introduction To JS-Udacity BOOK:You Don't Know JS(Up & Going) After the course you will be able to write and understand basic JavaScript codes
School Of Programming-Udacity
JavaScript And The DOM

Explore the course and you will be able to give dynamic touch to your wepage by manipulating the DOM using JavaScript.Try to make simple web-apps like a calculator for practice after the course. School Of Programming-Udacity


Create 30 Cool Stuffs in 30 Days using JavaScipt JS30

BackEnd Web-Development

FreeCodeCamp Flask's Bootcamp
Flask Web-Programming from Scratch
Flask is micro web-framework for python. It is easy to learn. Most of the basics related to Flask are already there in Havard’s Web Programming Course mentioned above. So try to learn flask first.
DjangoGirls Tutorials
Django is another poweful web-framework for Python.Through Django you can manage the backend of your website very easily by dividing the whole web-app into reusable apps. Try to follow the Netninja's Django Tutorial and take help from Official Dcoumentation and Stackoverflow to learn it.
DjangoGirls is also a good website for Django Tutorials

FrontEnd Frameworks & Libs.

NetNinja Complete React Tutorial
React,Redux and Firebase[Tutorials]
ReactJS is frontend web-framework. It is easy to learn if you have knowledge of JS.Try to follow the tutorials from NetNinja's Youtube Channel and implement a sample web-app. So try to learn flask first. ***For any kind of web-dev stuff not only reactjs,there are very informative blogs available on Medium.
Other JS Frameworks & Libraries
These are some of the javascript's frameworks and libraries which you will find amazing.JS has huge base of Frameworks and libraries available on the internet which can make your work very easy.So just google them as per requirements.

Additional Learning stuff

It is the most powerful Documentation gallery for web-developes.
Codepen is a online IDE platform for editing and sharing HTML,CSS & JS code snippets.You can find useful codesnippets to learn and can also share your snippets with others
Flaviocopes is a website for javascript tutorials.You can also find free e-books there.
You Don't Know JS
You Don't Know JS book-series is really good for learning JS.You can read them in your free time for increasing your knowledge or else learn by coding :)
The drive link has free e-books - The complete series by Flaviocopes and John Duckett. Books by John Duckett are really good and informative.
Medium Blogs
HTTP and everything you need to know about it
Learn Basics of React.js in 11 Minutes
A practical ES6 guide on how to perform HTTP requests using the Fetch API